QODM Lab is the creator of our innovative and leading products by means of new developments from QODM or Next Lab, combining with demands, design, tests, and planning.



TCI's belief 1: Quality represents the reputation, and reputation is everything.

The people in TCI believe that the very first principle for building a brand is "quality", it stands for the reputation of your business. We are proud to say: we seriously commit ourselves to achieve your requests. To every client, every item, we all regard your profitable points as important. Qualified quality is our commitment to you.


TCI's belief 2: Quick speed gains business.

Due to the pressure from globalization, speed has become the key to success. So at TCI we insist to rapidly make a sample and quickly produce the finished products. With these innovative ideas, new materials and manufacturing processes, you will be stepping in front with our competitive advantages.


TCI's belief 3: Our economical scale model provides you with the best quotation.

As well as the importance of quality and speed, TCI understand exactly how important the cost structure can affect business. Through our global purchasing and marketing advantage, combined with our flexible Q-odm system, TCI would like to provide you with best quotation and ideal order quantity for your advantage in marketing.



IBD origins from consumers’ demands, by higher R&D and capital investment, TCI becomes high-performance enterprise among biotech industry. To complete the task of “Join and Delight”, and help our clients meet consumers’ demands, we perfect in advanced R&D, manufacturing processes, more effective new products as well as cost competitiveness.


Feeling responsible for consumers through our partnered clients, TCI invested more on R&D, academic researches and capital/equipment in order to clearly verify the connection between product and effect. Not only running a thorough stability test on our products, we also validate products’ effect scientifically with EVE Lab. All of these detailed examinations are meant for providing the safest and effective products to you.